Welcome to our wedding portion of our website. Here you can find out some frequently asked questions. If you can't find the questions you have, just send us an email and we will get back to you. Our wedding packages start at $3050 and our engagement pricing starts at $350



Digital File Questions

Do we get the digital files? I think it's important for my clients to have those files and have the ability to use, print and share them however they'd like. 

How are they delivered? I usually always send a USB and depending on packages a portable hard drive with your files for you to hold on to. I also keep a backup copy just in case. 


Second Shoot and Creative Director Questions

Do you have a second shooter? All of my packages except one include a second shooter to make sure your full day is covered.

Why Do You Have A Creative Director? I use a creative director to help me with posing and organizing people and using props or anything else that way I can focus I capturing the photos.

Travel Expenses

How much does it cost for you to travel to my wedding? I split the US into 4 different sections, I use that money to cover hotel, car rental, and plane fees. If it cost a bit more, I'll come out pocket myself.

Pacific Time Zone - $445
Mountain Time Zone - $525
Central Time Zone - $700
Eastern Time Zone - $800
International - Contact Me

Gear? I shoot with the Sony A7-series and many of the top primes Sony Lenses.

Reserve Our Date? I make this quite easy. The two things needed to reserve your date are the signed wedding agreement and a retainer which is half of your wedding package. Both can be done online. Once we have talked, emailed or video chat and made sure I have the date available and would be a good fit I'll send you a link to sign the agreement and process the payment using any major credit/debit card.  

Do You Have To Feed Us? It's not required, but we do appreciate it. We tend to bring something just in case since we will still be moving around a lot during eating time.



How many photos will I get? 250-400 is what I have found is a good number to tell the entire story of a wedding day and around what you should expect.  

How long before I see them? I tend to release an early sneak peek within the first 10 days after your wedding. After you can expect 3-5 weeks for the rest of the images to be delivered. All photos will be delivered in Color as well as BW in High Resolution.